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April 2018

Eat healthier for less!

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We all know healthy foods can be more expensive to buy. It’s sometimes tempting to buy unhealthy food just because it’s cheaper! But I think you shouldn’t feel guilty for having a higher grocery bill because of healthier options. It’s investing into your future health and well being! 

why is healthy food more expensive?


There are a few reasons why healthy food tends to dig a deeper hole in your wallet. Some labeling, such as organic & non-gmo, can drive costs up. There is also an issue of supply & demand, government subsidies, and even though healthy food is becoming more popular, there is a higher demand for the foods people are used to (which for most of America, are unhealthy foods.) Mass production and selling to large stores nation wide allows large companies to sell products for a lower price. Most healthy brands have to start off small and are still trying to make a name for themselves within the food industry.

Sometimes we actually should be asking the question, why is unhealthy food so dang cheap?!? Why can I get a full meal at a drive-in for the price of a single kombucha?! This is generally the result of cutting many corners and lowering food quality at the cost of quantity.

investing into your health


Personally, my main motivation for eating healthy is to avoid health problems now and later, especially later. I think an unhealthy lifestyle and diet puts you at risk for many, many health issues. This is how I justify it: pay a little more now, to avoid spending money later fixing my health problems. No brainer in my book. Even in seasons my husband and I aren’t doing well financially, I still try to buy as healthy as possible and will cut money other places. Or really pursue the solutions below.



  1. Do it yourself!!!

Making food from scratch will save you money!!!!! Like so much, its crazy. Yes, it takes way more time, but time is money! Here are some examples of what to make yourself instead of buying a pre-made healthy product.

Here’s why its cheaper: when you buy a pre-made product, your paying them to make it for you, so essentially its cutting out the middle man, which always saves you money. Here’s one way to kill two birds with one stone & save money. Buy bulk raw almonds (not organic bc its way cheaper) and make some almond milk. Then take the leftover almond pulp, bake it at 170 for a couple of hours and boom! you got almond flour! You could also do this with oats! Yes, its less convenient, but easy & saves you money.

Here are some foods that I will pay more for & won’t make myself:

  • grass-fed beef
  • organic chicken
  • pasture-raised eggs
  • raw milk & cheddar
  • chips
  1. Buy from bulk section

There are bulk sections at most health food grocery stores likes Sprouts or Mother’s. They are sold at a cheaper price because no one is paying for packaging and the store is selling their own product instead of trying to make money off selling other people’s products. Plus if you bring your own containers or bags, its zero waste! You could also venture out into co-op food programs, which I haven’t yet! Would love if anyone had recommendations!

  1. Eat less meat, eat more veggies

I believe we eat too much meat in our diets. Meat is also pretty pricey in comparison to vegetables! Eating more plant based is a great way to cut down your grocery bill.

  1. Shop seasonal

Shopping seasonal is generally cheaper because there is way more supply of the food. The food didn’t have to be shipped from other countries, which drives prices up. Check what’s in season here.

  1. Thrive Market (Costco & Whole Foods had a baby)

Thrive Market Online helps me get the healthy foods I love for cheaper than I can find in stores. There is a $60 yearly fee, just like Costco, but you honestly save hundreds of dollars so it’s so worth it. If you’re buying non perishable items at places like Mothers, Whole Foods or Sprouts, I would see if Thrive sells it first because you will be getting it at whole sale price. This is where I buy most baked goods, chocolate, chips and supplements. What make this even better than Costco, is your not stuck with a bulk amount of the product just sitting around your house and possible going bad! If you want to try out Thrive, click here to get 20% off first three orders! You get to test it out before committing to the yearly fee!

I hope this gets rid of your guilt of spending a lot on healthy foods. You and your families body is so worth the investment.

ppp6. Meal planning

Meal planning helps save money because it means you’re only buying what you’ve planned to cook. This usually means you’re making the most of what you’re buying as well as not letting food go to waste! Check out my free meal planning print out.

ppp7. Skip the organic section sometimes

Some foods are more laden with pesticides, and some are not. The Clean 15 are the foods that tested least amount of pesticides. The Dirty Dozen are foods that tested highest for pesticides. To save money, only buy organic produce for the Dirty Dozen and opt for non-organic for the Clean 15. Avocados rarely have pesticides, so it’s honestly a waste of money to buy organic!

Clean 15: What you don’t need to buy organic

  • avocados
  • sweet broccoli
  • asparagus
  • cauliflower
  • onions
  • eggplant
  • pineapples
  • mangos
  • sweet corn
  • kiwi
  • cantaloupe
  • papayas
  • frozen sweet peas
  • honeydew
  • cabbage

Dirty Dozen: What you should buy organic

  • strawberries (most important one!)
  • spinach
  • apples
  • grapes
  • potatoes
  • celery
  • tomatoes
  • sweet bell peppers
  • peaches
  • nectarines
  • cherries
  • pears