Wash – Cleansing Grains

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Wash Your Face without Stripping Your Skin

Lavender Coconut Cleansing Grains removes dirt and purifies, while leaving your delicate skin perfectly balanced.

BYOW, bring your own water! This cleanser is waterless so that there is no need for preservatives! 

Simply add your own water. Less water will give a stronger exfoliation, more water will deliver a gentler cleanse for a custom wash! If you add even less water, you can use it as a face mask as well. A cleanser, exfoliant, & mask all in one!!!





Brown Rice Flour – gentle, yet effective exfoliant that helps to cleanse daily pollutants and slough off dead skin cells

Coconut Milk Powder – has high levels of vitamin A & C, helps maintain skin elasticity

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (gentle cleansing agent sourced from coconuts, EWG score: 1)

Lavender Powder – heals your skin while leaving a magical scent

Bentonite Clay – draws out the dirt & excess sebum, reduce acne, and slows down aging

Oat Flour – naturally contains saponins, a gentle cleansing agent

Vitamin C – promotes collagen production and brightens skin

Hibiscus Powder – a natural AHA (alpha hydroxyl acids) they make your skin bright, treat acne, reduce hyperpigmentation & redness


Pour a nickel sized amount onto hands. Add water into hands, less water makes more of an exfoliant, more water creates more of a face wash. Rub together with hands and apply to face. Use gentle circular motions to wash your face. Rinse off. Follow up with Toner & Glow Serum. It can also be used as a face mask! Wet the powder and leave on your face for 5 minutes and wash off with warm water.


2 oz
Store in a cool, dark place
Shelf life 3 months
About a 2 month supply

*Processing time 3-4 days, shipping time 4-5 business days*


Products make no claim to cure or prevent any disease or medical problem and is not intended to substitute other therapy or medical advice. All products are for external use only. These products are not FDA approved. The customer should always satisfy themselves as to the ultimate suitability of a product for an intended application. Skolos Corporation accepts no liability in the unlikely event of an adverse reaction occurring when using one of its products. If the product does not work for your skin, full refund will be issued.

4 reviews for Wash – Cleansing Grains

  1. Rachel Garcia

    This stuff is amazing!!! Using this has made my skin feel so much cleaner, clearer, softer, and brighter 🙌 I look forward to washing my face every day because this feels and smells so refreshing! A new staple in my skincare routine.

  2. Miranda Hunter

    Love that this is an all in one! The exfoliation is perfect – not too harsh for my skin and leaves my skin smooth. I do leave it on as a mask sometimes and it’s so refreshing! For sure recommend

  3. Cierra Lee

    I have never had this type of face wash before but I absolutely love it, along with the whole skincare regimen. My acne prone skin is usually super dry after washing and then super oily during the day. But with this skincare, my skin never feels tight after washing and doesn’t get more oily as the day goes on. It all smells good too!

  4. Mikala

    This is my favorite face wash! It exfoliates my face without drying out my skin, it smells so good and my favorite part is knowing the ingredients are clean and there’s no harmful chemicals. I also love the esthetically pleasing packaging. I leave it on my counter in my bathroom and everything still looks “esthetic” and cute! 10/10 recommend

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