Mineral Sunbalm

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Safe for the Whole Family
Truly non-toxic face mineral sunscreen with the cleanest ingredients you can find. No PUFA’s.

No fragrances, no preservatives, no phthalates, no endocrine disruptors, no toxins.


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Apply to face or body. SPF 20. Reapply often when swimming or sweating. Store in a cool place. Will change texture in temperature changes.

Non-nano, Non-Coated Zinc Oxide* 20%
Tamanu Butter
Raw African Shea Butter
Coconut Oil*
Frankincense Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil
Carrotseed Oil*


3.5 oz glass jar
No label on bottle included.
Shelf life is 6 months
No toxins, no sulfates, no parabens, no phthalates, no fragrances.


Non Nano Zinc

Zinc oxide is a mineral that sits on top of the skin, scattering, reflecting, and absorbing UVA & UVB rays. This helps prevents sunburn and sun damage. Normal Zinc is usually nano, so tiny it seeps into your blood stream. This is one reason most sunscreens are toxic. Using non-nano zinc prevents this issue.

Coconut Oil

  • natural SPF of 2-8
  • natural moisturiser
  • full of antioxidants

Raw Shea Butter

  • natural SPF of 3-8, natural moisturiser
  • anti-inflammatory
  • good source of vitamins for your skin

Carrot Seed Oil

  • natural SPF of about 30-40
  • natural preserver
  • anti aging

Products make no claim to cure or prevent any disease or medical problem and is not intended to substitute other therapy or medical advice. All products are for external use only. These products are not FDA approved. The customer should always satisfy themselves as to the ultimate suitability of a product for an intended application. Skolos Corporation accepts no liability in the unlikely event of an adverse reaction occurring when using one of its products. If the product does not work for your skin, full refund will be issued.

Based on 2 reviews
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  1. Vanessa

    I love this mineral sunscreen! It’s a little stiff to get out of the tube, but it softens up when I rub my hands together. It does not go on white like some mineral sunscreens and it leaves my skin glowing and feeling great! My favorite mineral sunscreen! I use it everyday

  2. Rachel

    Perfect for my kids and pool day! Very moisturizing.

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