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Restore Your Lips
Experience ultimate hydration with Wellthy’s Lip Repair Bundle. Find relief from dry, crack, peeling lips leaving you with smooth, supple lips. Scrub away dead skin with this tasty lemonade lip scrub. Follow up with lanolin gloss to hydrate your lips leaving them smooth as ever!

No fragrances, no preservatives, no phthalates, no endocrine disruptors, no toxins.

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1 Lip Sugar Scrub

1 Tinted Lip Gloss

Lip Scrub Ingredients:
Organic Cane Sugar
Lemon Essential Oil
Golden Jojoba Oil

Lip Gloss Ingredients:
Lanolin Oil
Hibiscus Powder


Take small amount of lip scrub and scrub onto lips over a sink. Rinse excess sugar off. It is okay if some gets in your mouth. Dry off lips and apply lip gloss!


Dry winter months take a toll on our lips! Purchase the Lip Repair Bundle to give your lips some love.

Lanolin Lip Gloss gives your lips moisture without addiction. It can also help aid the process of breaking lip balm addiction. Lip Scrub removes dead, dry skin while putting in moisture.

Based on 3 reviews
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  1. larssen marcus

    I absolutely love this bundle! both glosses are incredible and bring moisture like none other! the scrub is by far my favorite, it gets any pealing or dead skin off your lips so easily! and it’s super comforting knowing that if i happen to swallow some of the it’s all healthy and natural ingredients! (it tastes like a sweet and citrus candy ahaha) all in all would definitely recommend!!

  2. Tracy Marcus

    I bought 3 of these sets for Christmas presents for my girls and myself. We all absolutely LOVE the scrub and lanolin lip glosses. The weather has been dry and wrecked havoc on lips but this bundle has become a life saver! Order it today! Your lips will thank you!

  3. Chandler

    I love the lanolin lip repair pack because it heals my chapped lips every-time!
    I put it on before I go to bed & I wake up with healed lips!
    Would definitely recommend !

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