Powder Shower

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Don’t have time to take a real shower? Take a powder shower! Powder Shower Dry Shampoo will buy you an extra day without washing your hair.

Arrowroot starch powder absorbs excess oil and leaves hair feeling silky soft.
Alma fruit powder can prevent dandruff, promote hair growth and boost volume.
Kaolin clay absorbs excess oil without drying out the skin. It has a neutral pH making it gentle for sensitive skin.
Lavender powder adds a calming scent as well as promoting hair growth.


Organic Arrowroot Starch Powder
Organi Alma Fruit Powder
Kaolin Clay
Lavender Powder
*Organic Raw Cacao (for darker hair option)

Talc free. Aersol free. Fragrance free.

Eco-friendly paper powder shaker containers
Shelf life 3 months.
2 ounces (60 grams)
Free shipping orders over $20 ($2 shipping otherwise)

Two color options for light & dark hair.

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