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Hydration Without Addiction!
All types of lip moisturizing products can be become addicting, even non-toxic ones. Your lips cannot breathe through even non toxic ingredients such as beeswax, coconut oil or shea butter. Because of this, your lips will stop reproducing its own moisture and become dependent on the added moisture from products. Lanolin can be an aid to help break this addiction because your lips CAN breath through lanolin!

Instead of going cold turkey from my lip balm addiction, I stopped using lip balm and used only lanolin. I consciously used it less and less each day, and now I am completely free from my addiction!

Lanolin is also very hydrating for dry lips & great for those who are not addicted to lip balm 🙂

Lanolin Oil
Organic Hibiscus Powder
Gold Mica Powder
Peppermint Essential Oil

Apply like normal lip gloss!

(If you are trying to break your addiction, count how many times you use lip balm a day and begin lowering that number by 1 time each day. Lanolin alone will not fully break your lip balm addiction. Self control will be needed as well! Lanolin makes this process MUCH easier than doing cold turkey.)

*Don’t use if allergic to wool*

[Lanolin does change in temperature. If left it in the sun it will become more liquid, if it is cold out, it will become thicker]


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