Evelyn’s Gloss



For Little Girl’s Who Want to be like Mama
Kid’s “make up” and lip glosses are usually full of junk. Your little girl will feel special with this cute, popsicle lip gloss and you will feel good knowing all the ingredients are clean & safe.

No fragrances, no preservatives, no phthalates, no endocrine disruptors, no toxins.


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Lanolin Oil
Organic Hibiscus Powder
Non Nano Zinc Powder
Mica Powder Shimmer

Apply to lips. Leaves a very, very subtle tint & simmer on lips.



*Don’t use if allergic to wool*

[Lanolin does change in temperature. If left it in the sun it will become more liquid, if it is cold out, it will become thicker]


10 ml
Shelf life 6 months

*Processing time 6-7 days, shipping time 4-5 business days*


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