Simplified & Made Wellthy

Since I’ve switched from coffee to matcha, I’ve come quite a matcha snob. This recipe is by far the best, and my husband and I drink it every morning! Ceremonial grade matcha versus not ceremonial makes the biggest difference to us in taste (unfortunately is more expensive).

ceremonial grade matcha powder
1 tsp
milk (I use milkadamia)
1/2-3/4 cup
1-2 tsp
MCT oil (optional)
1 tbsp
Essentially, you need all the ingredients mixed thoroughly. You can shake it, blend it, whisk it, whichever! My husband actually shakes it in a mixed drink shaker! Put the matcha in last to avoid clumps. Or you can whisk the matcha powder and honey with a matcha whisk or normal whisk with a small amount of hot water until clumps are gone, then add milk and ice. Or you can blend it in a small blender then add ice. Or blend with heated milk. Hope you enjoy!