Eating Healthy

Made Simple

I’ve done all the hard work & research so that you don’t have to. Simply Wellthy is an easy guide to begin your journey to healthier eating. Change how you view dieting, upgrade your eating & start living well!



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 First Things First,

Shift Your Perspective

Change begins with your thinking. Shift your perspective on what you think you know of dieting & eating healthy. The result will be wellthy eating habits that can become a lifestyle change.

Focus on

what you CAN eat

Diets constrict, lifestyle changes liberate. Most diets focus on cutting bad food out. But thinking about what you can't have all the time makes you want it more! Think about what is good for you to eat. Make food choices based on what will give your body the nutrition it needs to function well.

It’s okay to CHEAT


Too many restrictions & rules make you want to give up quickly. In a world where unhealthy food is everywhere, cheating is sometimes necessary. Over time, your body will desire to cheat less & you'll start to crave healthy food. (For those who hate vegetables, there is hope!)

All good things

take TIME

Patience is a virtue. We are used to getting everything instantly but convenience comes at a cost. Generally, the most convenient, easy, quick food has the least nutrition. Cooking from scratch takes more time but generally results in more nutritious meals! This does take more time so meal prepping is key!



Drastic changes die quick, slow & steady wins the race. Easing into eating healthier creates a lifestyle change rather than a short-term diet. Start one change at a time until it becomes your new normal, then move onto the next change. This helps the cravings because your not avoiding all your favorite foods at once!


& seasonal

Eating local & seasonal means more nutrients & fresher food. Generally what's on sale or more available is whats in season! Whether buying foods that are in season or from local farmers at farmers markets, you're benefitting your health, the environment & small businesses.

Next, Upgrade

Your Eating

Once you think differently, it’s time to take action & upgrade your food quality. Food is meant to be medicine, healing & preventative. Unfortunately, we live in a world where our food has been so tampered with & processed. It’s harming our bodies as well as starving us from the nutrients it needs. Upgrade your eating…your body will thank you.

MEAT, you are

what they eat

Choose 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef & organic free range chicken. Feeding the animals what they're meant to eat determines the nutrients you receive. Animals must roam & eat from the earth to receive certain nutrients. Conventional meat is filled with toxic hormones & antibiotics that can be harmful. Good quality meat is better for you, the animals & the environment!


go sprouted

Sprouted means its easier for your body to digest. Your body is able to absorb all the nutrients the grains have to offer. Sprouting eliminates the anti-nutrients & transforms the grain into a living, nutrient-rich food. Grains, nuts, seeds & beans were designed to be eaten after the sprouting method.

EGGS from

happy chickens

Choose organic, pasture-raised eggs because they are actually free. Cage-free & free-range isn't what you think! They don't get time outside, but pasture-raised chickens do! Chickens must roam in pastures to get proper nutrients that your bodies need. Plus, the chickens are happier!


go raw

Raw = unpasteurized Today's pasteurization process not only kills most the nutrients dairy has to offer, but also the enzyme your body needs to digest diary, hence why most people are lactose intolerant. Dairy doesn't always have to be avoided or saved for cheats. Dairy is filled with nutrients our bodies need when consumed in its original form.

ORGANIC & non-gmo

is the way to go

Let's eat food the way it was designed.
Who wants pesticides & chemicals in their food? Not us. Eating organic means no dangerous chemicals, less health problems & more nutrition. Eating organic is also better for the environment! And who doesn't want that?!


are your friends

Fermented foods are full of probiotics (good bacteria) that benefit your gut health. Gut health determines 80% of your immune system. They also increase antibodies, regulate your appetite and reduce sugar/carb cravings. The most popular fermented foods are kombucha, yogurt, raw cheese, kefir, pickles, & sauerkraut. You can also take probiotic supplements.

SUGAR, go natural,

actually natural

Sugar is addictive & can be very damaging to our health. Sugar can cause diabetes, cancer & leaky gut syndrome. Try sweetening your drinks or baking with actually natural sugars: raw honey, maple syrup, dates, coconut sugar. Kick your sugar addiction by eating more protein, fiber, healthy fats & probiotic food.


go wild!

Farmed fish, especially salmon, is full of harmful toxins, pesticides & antibiotics. When at the grocery store, opt for wild fish. When eating out, ask if any of their fish is wild-caught. Wild-caught fish is full of beneficial vitamins & omega fatty acids.

VEGGIES all day,

every day

Americans eat 50% more meat than they should. Instead of every meal being centered around meat, try eating a more plant based diet. Vegetables are amazing whole foods full of vitamins, minerals & anti-oxidants Vegetables in nature are preventative for all kinds of diseases & health issues.