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March 2018

Orange County Farmers Markets

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The best way to eat local are farmers markets! Eating local means more nutrients & fresher food. Shopping from local farmer markets benefits your health & small businesses. Plus its a fun family outing! 🙂


Buena Park: 9-2pm (Corner of La Palma & Stanton)

Corona Del Mar: 9-1pm (3201 Pacific Coast Hwy)

Costa Mesa: 9-2pm (3315 Hyland Ave)

Cypress: 9-2pm (4505 Katella Ave)

Dana Point: 9-1pm (La Plaza Park)

Irvine: 8-noon (Bonita Cyn & Turtle Ridge)

Laguna Beach: 8-11/12pm (Laguna Cyn Rd & Forest Ave)

Orange: 9-1pm (303 W. Palm Ave)

Yorba Linda: 9-1pm (Main St & Imperial Hwy)


Garden Grove: 9-2pm (Historic Main Street)

Irvine: 10-2pm (The Great Park, Marine Way & Sand Cyn)

Laguna Niguel: 8-noon (La Paz & Pacific Park)

Newport Beach: 9-1am (Newport Beach Pier)

San Clemente: 9-1pm (200 Avenida Del Mar)

Santa Ana: 10-2pm (Bush & 3rd Street in Downtown)


Huntington Beach: 5-9pm (by HB pier)

Irvine: 10-2pm (18400 Von Karmon)

Orange: 9-1pm (1 Irvine Park Road)

Seal Beach: 9-1pm (13904 Seal Beach Blvd)


Fullerton: 8-1pm (801 W. Valencia Dr)

Irvine: 9-1pm (6640 Alton Pkwy)

San Juan Capistrano: 3-6pm (El Camino Real & Yorba St)

Tustin: 9-1am (El Camino Real & 3rd St)


Anaheim: 11-4pm (Promenade & Lemon St)

Brea: 4-8pm (145 S State College Blvd)

Costa Mesa: 9-1pm (88 Fair Dr)

Fullerton: 4-8:30pm (Wilshire & Pomona)


Anaheim: 9-2pm (3440 E. La Palma Ave)

Huntington Beach: 1-5pm (Main St & PCH)

More info here! 

what’s your favorite farmers market?

How To Meal Plan

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I’m definitely no professional meal planner, or even that experienced in it. I struggle getting myself to do it because it’s not the first thing I want to do on a Sunday night! But when I do, my week is way easier! I’m not constantly thinking “what should I make?!” or “shoot, now I don’t have time to make that recipe.”

When I first started to cook, it was honestly overwhelming seeing all the ingredients I would need for recipe! So each week, I try to pick recipes that have common ingredients. Such as, if a recipe asks for sweet potatoes, I look for other recipes that contain sweet potatoes. This saves money (woo!) and can help not waste food.

If you’re new to cooking, I recommend starting with a lot of crockpot meals because they are hard to mess up! That’s what I did until I gained more confidence. Over time, I’ve build a good list of go-to meals you can find in my recipe section.

1. choose recipes

So I’ll start by writing some of my go-to meals in the “recipe ideas” section. Then I’ll look on Pinterest for some new ideas. Recipes with short ingredient lists appeal to me the most! Now I can look at healthy recipes or even unhealthy ones & just swap out the ingredients for healthier versions. (diary for raw diary or alternative diary options, chicken for organic chicken, beef for grass-fed beef, sugar for honey etc) Americans eat 50% more meat than the should, so I make sure I have many meatless meals to integrate in. (I used to eat meat every meal, so I have gradually come along way!)

2. write ingredients you don’t have

While I’m choosing these recipes, I’m writing ingredients I need to buy. I’ve gotten to a point where I have most ingredients in my pantry and only have to buy a few more ingredients to complete the list. It took me awhile to get there though (building up my pantry & always having ingredients I know I’ll always use every week).

3. place meals in the schedule

Next, I start placing the recipes over to the weekly schedule. I try to do this strategically. On days that I am busier, I pick quick meals or crockpot meals. I also try to make sure I’m not eating two similar meals in a row. Spacing it out gives some variety.

I’ve attached a simple template you can print out to help you start meal planning! Click “download” below! Enjoy & I hope it helps make your life easier 🙂